Key Features

We understand the problems of fragmentation and functionality which are limiting the growth of the DeFi sector. WinFinance(WFT)solves this by supporting and offering comprehensive functionality for a vast range of digital assets. Here are some of the key elements of WinFinance(WFT) Protocol:

  1. Permission-less listing: Any ERC20 token would be able to list without a centralized entity/ DAO controlling the process and we’re also exploring the addition of cross-chain support in the future such as Binance Chain, Monero, etc..

Multi-Layer Yield Farming

WFT holders will automatically receive fees simply by holding, but can now optionally stake their WFT to earn a bonus yield

By earning fees simply by holding, you are now free to stake WFT to earn double the amount of rewards or stake your WFT in other contracts to earn different types of rewards.

WFT fees are awarded automatically and do not require any transactions to be executed by the holder in order to earn fees. This allows WFT to be used in any other smart contract in addition to earning yield from the transaction fees.

To facilitate this, the WFT smart contract exposes some new methods that allow other smart contracts to easily determine the fees earned by each address for any period of time even when funds are pooled together. This is a huge leap in Defi that enables the direct staking of WFT and double yield generation.

For example, you could lend your WFT on a third-party app and earn a yield from that while still earning fees from WFT transfers. The lending contract could use WFT’s new methods to easily determine the fees earned on the amount you provided during your interaction with the lending contract.

By reducing friction and eliminating the burden of contract interaction to earn a yield, WFT allows you to earn more with the same token!

Max Supply = 100,000,000 WFT

Tokenomics :

40,000,000— Presale Allocation
20,000,000 — Liquidity
10,000,000 — Development
20,000,000 — Marketing/Airdrop
10,000,000 — Team(locked and vested bimonthly for 5 years)

AirDrop Details: Coming Soon…….





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