Key Features

  1. Permission-less listing: Any ERC20 token would be able to list without a centralized entity/ DAO controlling the process and we’re also exploring the addition of cross-chain support in the future such as Binance Chain, Monero, etc..
  2. Lending & borrowing: Users have the capability to unlock their token’s functionality for lending to receive an interest rate and borrowing by paying an interest rate.
  3. Trading: A corresponding trading pair will operate on WinFinance(WFT) to include decentralized spot trading functionality.
  4. Liquidity: By providing liquidity, users are able to receive fees in proportion to their liquidity pool stake.
  5. Governance: The protocol will be governed by its token holders through proposals in order to ensure adjustments to the protocol are made with a majority consensus.
  6. Native Utility Token: The native utility token on WinFinance will be WFT, Eagle Finance Token. The token will have multiple aspects for governance, value, and much more to be released in a later blog post.
  7. User Interface/ User Experience: An intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to provide seamless trading and lending/borrowing experience.

Multi-Layer Yield Farming




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